At OTA technologies your priorities are our top priority. Unlike others, we don't hesitate to optimize our clients' campaigns as per according to the need of the hour. It means if we feel the requirement of fine tune a basis on the initial response, we won't hesitate doing it. Every user who is searching the web has an urge or need to be solved. Which PPC advertising marketer can reach them fastest as possible by showing the most focused search result.

At OTA we understand the PPC business from both strategic and execution point of view and offer the maximum ROI on your investment. From business point of view, we aim at increased conversion and increased traffic. AT OTA we take care of minutest details and combine strategy and execution brilliance backed by industry information to help you achieve your business goals. PPC helps any size of business to reach their potential customers in a cost-effective manner.

Major platforms


Google and Bing are two major global platforms for PPC advertising. Google Adwords run on Google search and it's network websites. Launched in the year 2000 it is Google's flagship offering. Similar to Google Adwords Bing Ads are displayed on Bing and Yahoo network combined. Both platforms are benefitting SMEs, Startup businesses to fortune 500 companies across the globe.

How it works


Any pay per click campaign starts with figuring out the keywords and then the creation of AD around that. When Ad is created it is published on an advertising network. Every time your ad is clicked, sending a visitor to your website, you pay the respective search engine a small amount of money. The good PPC campaign is aimed at maximizing your returns so that the fee it deducts feels trivial.

Important to know


Search network Google and Bing are two major search engines on the Internet. It accounts for almost 100 searches.

Display network there are many display networks. Google and Bing (Bing + Yahoo) are industry leaders.

Search Network with Display Ads We set up the workflow mechanism and other technical prerequisites. This paves the path of a further execution.

Shopping (Product listing ADs) Shopping campaigns are product name based. So that someone looking for his desired product can find his desired product.

Devise targeting can be shown across all devices like Mobile, Desktop and Tablets.

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