What is Virtual Reality Training and What are its Advantages?

Virtual reality training applications is an emerging technology which is solving the problem of complex machines training and repairing problems. Companies spend a huge amount of money training its employees how to work with new machines. The machines/software of today are emerging at a very fast pace, and the employees need to be kept updated with the technology.

Makes learning scenario realistic

Imagine training a person to repair bulbs on the top of a very high tower. It is possible to teach him how to change the bulb, but the whole scenario of the fear of height and fast blowing winds cannot be taught in any manner with current training techniques.

Makes learning experience affordable

In the past Virtual reality has been used only for government and military applications. In 2019, with the emerging technology and great VR platform like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, etc., the prices have gone down marginally Creating a VR training application has become affordable.

Learning in a safer environment

Unfortunately, workplace training accidents are very common occurrences in the construction and manufacturing industries. Fresher’s and employees dealing with new machinery make mistakes due to panic in the real situation. Virtual Reality training gives them a safe environment to experience the real work scenario and to identify the risks.

Remote updates

With a decline in VR hardware prices, this setup can be purchased and installed easily for training remotely. If there is a new upgrade for machinery or a completely new machine that the employee has to deal with, he can get a remote training by just doing a software update. This saves a lot of time and expenses.

VR Video calling for works

For a very long period of time customer support has been relying on call centers, and field service engineers driving across the globe to solve constant hardware and software issues. With Virtual reality assistance, a trained professional can solve issues remotely, by guiding the customer with exact steps for debugging the issues.

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