Digital Strategy

Creating Digital Strategy that solves real business problems is at the core of whatever we do. Having worked in senior management positions across large multinational corporations, we understand that the right strategy is one that solves the business problem and not necessarily the most talked about one. We are proud of what we do and how it impacts the businesses we touch.

Search Marketing

Today, people look for a service provider in real time, and that is where the right SEO or Search Engine Marketing Strategy helps. We approach SEO and SEM as a solution to what questions people might ask and how to answer it in the best possible way, unlike others who think of SEO as keywords and links, we look at it as fulfilling the need of people who have a need to be fulfilled.

Content Expertise

Content is what eventually matters be it SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email campaigns or other pieces of digital marketing, it all comes down to content done right. Our expertise is in setting the top level framework for putting the content strategy in place and then getting it executed by the best in business. Our content writers are experienced professionals who have solved real-world marketing challenges, unlike a lot of others who stay aloof from the business word and hence write what is disconnected from the business.

Display Marketing

Reaching out to prospects is not just limited to search, people are accessing a lot of content before they reach a buying decision. We create a strategy to find out the right set of people who are our target audience and the right set of content which our target audience would like to read or view. Further, we use the best technical way to serve our display advertisements to the right prospects. Our display ads are served across websites, mobile apps, online games and re-marketing to ensure a complete funnel of conversion.

Mobile Apps

A mobile app today is the right tool when we want our customers to access some information more than once and unlike what a lot of developers think and do. We look at mobile apps not as a technology solution but as business enabler where people get benefited by using it and are willing to use it again. It is not just about downloads, we emphasize on building apps which have highly user friendly. Our developers are best in class engineers working on the latest technology to delivery best in class apps for iOS and Android.

Website Building

We look at the website as a mobile app and not as something which is just there to present information. Is it solving the problems which visitors have? Is it a great experience across all their devices and is the information and content flow seamlessly? These are some top of the mind concerns that we have when we think of our world-class websites. We have complete expertise in creating really powerful and simple e-commerce platforms which work across the world. Accepting e-commerce orders was never easier.

Online Reputation Management

As more and more information and people are interacting online, it is important for brands to manage their online reputation. We use the latest tools to ensure that a customer gets a solution to his queries within the ecosystem so there are minimal chances of a complaint going outside. However, even for the complaints or queries that go outside, we use the best methods to track queries and complaints to minimize the losses and get the maximum leads.

Media Planning and Buying

Our strategy of looking at Digital as a business enabler makes us create the best media planning strategy which picks the top platforms where our target audience visits. Our seasoned media experts get the best deals for you from across the world and all that with a clear understanding of business and budgets. Our media planning exercise is aimed at maximizing your profit by minimizing your cost per lead.

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