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International business with a global presence will require an International SEO operation to meet its global needs. International SEO is the process of optimizing website country and language basis. This approach helps search engines to easily identify the target countries and target languages you use for business.

Because of the large scale, size, and complexity of the client organization and the client's website itself, execution takes an highly sophisticated and much wider approach.

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International SEO requires a comprehensive executional approach. This can be understood with a simple example - English has a very heavy influence on Search Engine Optimization because it is default language for computers and it is spoken by one-seventh (about 340 million) people across the globe as their first language. This fact also proves that remaining six billion people are non-English speaking. They will be left behind if you have English only mindset. To communicate with them we need to speak in their language.

Five stages of global SEO campaigns

  1. Discovery, Research and Analysis. This is a preliminary stage where we carefully review your business, industry, competition and keywords requirement.
  2. Strategy. This is the second and most critical stage where, we fix measurable goals, milestones, and timeframes to achieve them.
  3. Setup. We set up the workflow mechanism and other technical prerequisites. This paves the path of a further execution.
  4. Execution. We believe in exceptional brilliance. At this stage, we execute predefined planned steps. This stage requires conducting strategic onsite and offsite tasks.
  5. Analytics and Continuous Improvement. It's a followup of the activities. We collect and evaluate the data/analytics and use this insight to realign future campaigns.

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