Gesture Control Medical Imaging

Blood-spattered surgeons intent on maintaining operating theatre sterility can hardly be expected to drop everything, strip off their gloves and type madly on a PC to dig up urgent patient data But what if they could just wave their hands in the air with no fear of touching anything potentially smeared with bacteria — and navigate medical records.

Automatic Hand Hygiene Tracking

Poor hand hygiene in hospitals and medical care facilities is associated with increased risk of infection and death of patients. Patient safety is a priority, and improving hand hygiene compliance systems in healthcare is an easy way to reduce the risk of patients and staff being exposed to or contracting an infectious disease.

VR based pain management

If a hand, an arm or a leg is amputated due to accident or disease, eight out of ten amputees experience a feeling of discomfort in the limb that is no longer there. The phenomenon is called phantom limb pain. Even though science has yet to come up with an unambiguous explanation, the most discussed theory concerns the sudden lack of input from the severed neural cords.

VR for vaccination

A Virtual Reality story was created to solve the real world problem of children’s fear of vaccination. During a typical vaccination, everyone gets stressed out. The kids throw their tantrums, the nurses do their best to avoid making an error despite the kids’ movements, and the parents feel guilty The vaccination sessions involve one VR goggle.

Gesture Interactive therapy games

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) perform poorly in complex fine motor skills and recognition, and they have difficulties in learning complex and multi-step motor skills. Gesture-based games, which enable users to get timely feedback, to learn from failure, to engage in games at every moment, and to interact with computers intuitively have become promising tools.

Games for Waiting areas

Although the time spent by patients and their parents in waiting rooms of Pediatric clinics and hospitals vary, it is the perceived waiting time that ideally denotes a patient’s satisfaction level. The attractiveness of the physical environment is not only associated with quality care, less anxiety and positive interaction with staff but also the level of ease provided in these waiting rooms.

Hololens based solution for surgery

With the advancement of technology, Using Image Guided Surgery the surgeon can pinpoint the location of the tumor inside the brain and make a safer and smaller opening to find the tumor and remove it. Unlike older times when the skull needs to be cut wider to locate the tumor.

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