Health Education

Children like to be in a free, unbound, untied environment, which has no restrictions. They are more productive in large spaces that do not curb their movements. In conventional classrooms, a child’s movement in the activity of studying is restricted to sitting on a bench.

Gesture interactive Games Education Games

And at an age where experimentation and exploration mean everything to a child's development - it’s the perfect way to teach math! Using Microsoft's Kinect motion-sensor, pupils need to combine intelligent thinking with physical gestures in order to solve problems. There are tonnes of awesome adventures too! It's just up to the teacher to decide what they’re based on.

Interactive Wall/Floor projections

This technology is used to create large Interactive Wall and Interactive Floor surfaces with projectors or any other display technology. It can convert any free space into an unforgettable fun-filled experience in any environment; be it a commercial indoor playground, a birthday party, gaming zones or even a pediatric waiting room.

Digital Mocap Puppet for Kids Education

Though Kinect we track the body of a person. The gestures have done by the person being followed by the character on the screen.

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