Voice Interactive Artificial Assistant

Alexa, Bixby, ..have taken over the market with their artificial intelligence technology People like to talk to artificially intelligent machines. Do you want AI tech for your marketing activity or your product? We make virtual assistance and related tech for your product. Stay ahead of the competition!

Transparent Screens

Make huge transparent screens for displaying your banner. What's unique and new gets attention. Don’t be lost in the noise of an exhibition.

Holographic Projection

Design holographic displays Create holographic avatars. Holographic interactive characters.

Touch Based content for Shipping Company

Unfortunately, workplace training accidents are very common occurrences in the construction and manufacturing industries.

Interactive Indoor map for Large facilities

Maps for digital guidance around shopping malls and large facilities like airports and hospitals. Advertising on the display

National Geographic Hololens implementation

Hololens experience proves that the future has arrived. Learning with mixed reality is such an interactive and fun experience that no textbook or video can be better for teaching kids the subject.

HoloLens implementation for painting gallery

Give a virtual demoif a museum with our mixed reality product. The visitor gets to wear a Hololens glass and walk through the museum. When the user looks at individual paintings/artifact a voice guidance.

Hololens for City Planning

Architecture is of utilizing a space in it's the best way. No available software in the market is capable enough to help a client visualize a house/building/city as these volumes are too huge for humans to precisely imagine.

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