Do you sell online? Do you want to grow your online business? You want people to find your product and services easily? If your answer is affirmative, then you cannot afford to undermine the importance of e-commerce SEO. This is one of the best ways to promote your e-commerce business and increase sales. With many new algorithmic changes and feature updates in Google's policy, many e-businesses are unsure on how to start with e-commerce SEO. Here are few the major factors which can help you gain more business for your e-commerce websites.

Strategic E-Commerce SEO service


Consumer Behavior Driven Keywords

We probe deeper than what standard keyword tools suggest. We ensure that our approach should yield you a bonus.


Unique Title & Meta Description

Unique copy with relevant keywords is a must to outperform your competitor in search ranking. It requires human intervention.


Heading Tag & Image Optimization

We consider keywords & page content to create heading tags. We optimize metadata of image to achieve greatest visibility.


Content Optimization

Google assigns a quality score to the pages it indexes. It is done on the basis of information density, uniqueness, reading level etc.


Focused Link Building

We earn you relevant links from valid sources. Link building cements your position and further resilience it in search results.


Content Marketing

A comprehensive marketing strategy helps build demand and generate leads. Furthermore it bolsters your brand visibility.

E-Commerce SEO is no longer optional

Why choose

In the age of fierce competition e-commerce SEO is imperative for any e-retailer. On search behavior, Business Insider’s market research reveals that maximum online shopping start with Amazon (staggering 29 percent of the time). It is followed by all other online marketplaces on the web. Which all of them put together is 9 percent cumulative.

There is an exception to this study also indicates that fifteen percent of product searches start with Google search. Since Google indexes nearly every website on the internet, It means a lot can be achieved by capitalizing on Google search.

An experienced e-commerce marketing agency can take your business places by increasing your business visibility in Google search besides they can help you by positioning you on the top in the Amazon marketplace in your category. This gives duel benefit.

Why Choose OTA?

Effective Content Optimization

OTA is a one stop shop for e-commerce requirements. It provide you best results for your e-commerce websites. Be it a startup enterprise or a well-settled e-commerce store, regardless of their shape and size, we offer our exclusive e-commerce SEO services to all the e-commerce merchants.

Proven SEO Techniques

At OTA, we track all the necessary aspects that provide marketing support to our client’s e-commerce website and so accordingly we apply proven strategies to yeild better search engine optimization results.

Sales Driven E-commerce Campaigns

OTA is specialist agency in sales lead generation. We are working for various clients across especially in Europe and bringing quality leads for their e-commerce business. We are working for all sizes of business e.g. SMEs, startups, enterprise and well-settled e-commerce store in this domain.

Dedicated Resource

We provide a resource for our e-commerce clients. He keeps client informed about latest happenings. He is expected to be well aware of client’s business and SEO both. Further our time tested strategies help us perform search engine optimization effectively.

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